Monday, December 13, 2010

Minutes from the 12/10/10 Meeting

First Order of Business: No Name, No Slogan Exchange

- We are finalizing the last details and will soon have the portfolios to you! Yay!

Second Order of Business: New Club Portfolio Exchange

- Sargent of Arms and Enforcer will be coming up with the next theme.
- Club voted that the size will be 9"x12", the number of runs will be open, there will be NO digital prints accepted,a nd the due date will be around May 20th, 2011.

Third Order of Business: New Club Officers

- Tom is now a Nomad as he will be in his final semester.
- Dan was voted to be the new Vice President.
- James was voted to be the new Enforcer.
- All other officers remain the same.

Our next meeting will be during the Printmaking Workshop class next semester. Hope you all have a great break!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Minutes for the 11/12 Meeting

First Order of Buisness: Print Auction

- We need prints to auction off! We are asking that all club members submit one awesome print to auction off.

-Prints will be hung in the glass cases outside the main office on the 2nd floor of the School of Art Monday afternoon, so you have until Monday morning to get your prints submitted. Please drop your prints off with Kyle or in Kyle's flatfile in the print room.

- The silent auction will be held November 14th - December 4th. Bidding will end at 5PM on December 4th. Again, all money raised will go to the club.

Second Order of Business: Club Dues

- All club members must pay semesterly club dues of $25. There are still members who have yet to pay.

-The following (according to my record) have paid:


-If you do not see your name on the list, you have until December 3rd to turn them in. If you have paid and do not see your name on this list, please let Jessica, Kyle, or Adrian know.

-Give club dues to either Jessica, Kyle or Adrian. All checks are to made out to Adrian Chin.

Third Order of Business: Meeting Attendance

-It really is important for all club members to attend the club meetings. The more the people attend the meetings, the easier decisions can be made/information can be discussed/the more fun we will have.

-We strongly encourage undergrads to attend these meetings! If you are even slightly interested in going to print conferences, participating in portfolio exchanges, getting group shows, working with visiting artists, and many many great opportunities PLEASE attend!

Fourth Order of Business: Last Meeting of the Semester

-The last meeting will be on Friday December 3rd at the Annex Studios (behind the furniture store across the street from Walmart on Sycamore Road) at 5PM.

-At this meeting we will try to get a loose schedule for next semester's club game plan as well as vote on new club officers....for this we really need your attendance!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hey All,

here is the constitution

Bandolier Press Print Club


Rules and Regulations:

Club members are required to pay semesterly dues of 25$

Club members are responsible for designing and printing 3 T-shirts and 1 poster each semester

Club members are expected to complete a graduate colloquium each semester

Club members are to set up and have one club show annually

Club members are encouraged to participate and set-up print and portfolio exchanges

Club members are expected to look at and update blog regularly.

The Club will hold annual print sales (fall) and silent auctions (spring)

Officer positions are to be open to club vote any time there is a vacancy.

Officer positions are to be renewed each semester through a club vote.

Officers may not relinquish positions at any time other than at the end of each semester.

Officer positions can only be received or retained through a 2/3rds majority club vote.

Only 1-year members may take the President, Vice President or Sgt. At Arms positions.

All officer positions are open to all members, Graduate and Undergraduate.

All members must Prospect for 1 semester prior to becoming a full time member.

Prospects are required to pay dues, and are expected to attend all club meetings.

The Club will hold bi-monthly meetings where club business is to be discussed.

All Club action and business must first be discussed and voted on during meetings.

No member is above the club.

If a member wishes to terminate membership, there dues are to be returned, but only if there termination is prior to mid-term. Other than that, the club withholds the dues.

Dues are to be used to purchase paper, t-shirts, and any other club voted action.

All members must sign the constitution, committing their agreement to the rules and regulations established by it.

Hierarchy and Officer/Member Duties:

NOMADS- 3rd year 2nd semester grads: These members are highest in seniority and help out mildly, but are to be focused on MFA Thesis.

President- In charge of overseeing and responsible for timely completion of all club actions.

Vice President- In charge of making sure all financial transactions and paper work is completed including the colloquium, show, and sales.

Sgt. At Arms- In charge of making sure all t-shirts and posters are printed and organizing club portfolio with the Enforcer.

Secretary- In charge of completing all paperwork in collaboration with the V.P.

Treasurer- In charge of all financial transactions with the club in collaboration with the V.P. At any sale, checks are to be made out in the Treasurers name and to be cashed by him or her and brought to the club account.

Enforcer- Responsible for assisting the Sgt. At Arms with all cutting and printing of T-shirts and posters along with organizing club portfolio.


Club Member- Members who are not officers are responsible for assisting any officers with specified work.

Prospect- Any first semester Grad or Undergrad who wishes to join the club. Responsible for supplying meetings with beverages and assisting any member with any specified work at any time.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Minutes from the 10/22/10 Meeting

First Order of Buisness: Club Portfolio Exchange

- Cases are being ordered very soon and the colophon page will be done by Monday!

Second Order of Buisness: Silent Auction

- The dates for the silent auction have been booked. The silent auction will be held at the School of Art on the 2nd floor in the glass cases next to the main office on November 14th - December 4th. Bidding will end at 5PM on December 4th.
-Please submit one awesome print to be auctioned off. Again, all money raised will go to the club.

Third Order of Business: Club Constitution Update

- Our Constitution has been updated. The updates include new duties for the club officers and some rule changes.
- I will be posting a copy of the updated Constitution here on the blog. Be sure to read it over, especially if you are a current officer or are planning to run for one.
*Reminder: elections for new officers are held at the end of each semester.*

Fourth Order of Buisness: Next Club Portfolio

- One of the new duties of the Enforcer and Sargent of Arms is to come up with and manage the club portfolio exchanges, meaning Dan and Tessa will be in charge of coming up with the next portfolios theme and stats.

Fifth Order of Buisness: BadDog Show?

- If anyone knows if there will be a BadDog show this coming week, please let Jessica or Kyle know.
- Plans to go guerilla and collaborate with GAA at last week's show did not happen, so we're planning on the Halloween/Day of the Dead masks sales.
- If there is now show at BadDog, then we will sell them around the School of Art.
-This means we still need skull designs!!! Bring them to the Printmaking workshop class 6PM on Tuesday night (10/26) where we will finalize designs and get them ready to print.

Sixth Order of Buisness: Graduate Colloquium

-The deadline is next week!! Let's pull together to write this colloquium and get someone awesome to visit NIU!!!
-Those who attended the meeting have made some suggestions for possible artists to come print with us. We ask that EVERYONE take the time to look at the possible artists, make a decision on who you would like to work with and comment here on the blog. We will then tally the results and make a final decision. We ask that you make this decision BEFORE MONDAY (10/25) so that we can get our heads together and type up a good submission.

The following artists were chosen by club members:

1. The Amazing Hancock Brothers (Austin, Texas)
(they used to have a site, but now its a casino??)
- Brother duo from Austin, TX. Their eye catching work consists of woodcut, silkscreen, litho, mixed media, and performance. They do it all!

2. Tugboat Printshop (Pittsburgh, PA)
-Husband and wife team, Paul Roden and Valerie Leuth, create awesome woodcuts.....check out that USA print!

3. Nicole Hand (Murray, KY)
- Nicole makes, as Ann Flowers says, "some juicy etchings!" Check her out!

4. Art Werger (Athens, OH)
-Art can juggle and make some mean mezzotints and color etchings!

-Lastly, here are the stats for the Graduate Colloquium via Michael Barnes:

DEADLINE for ElectronicSubmissions:
October 28, by 5:30pm to:
(note: the School of Art deadline is earlierthan the date listed on the
Graduate School website, as we are required to rankthem prior )

The Graduate Colloquium program was established in 1966 to
bringscholars, artists, professionals, and public figures to lecture or
perform atNIU. Events are arranged andcoordinated by the Colloquium and
a Department, Division, or Center that iseligible for funding. All
events are open to the entire NIU community and thepublic.
To Submit a Proposal:

1. Before beginning your proposal,please carefully review the
Colloquium guidelines and proposal information onthe Graduate School
Colloquium page -
Examples of successful proposals are included on this site.

2. Complete an application form (attachedto this same email) and submit
an “Electronic” version of it to: mbarnes@niu.eduby October 28, 2010 –

•Supplementary materials may be submitted to the GraduatePrograms office
by the above deadline, but will not be forwarded to theGraduate School
Colloquium Committee for final review. Includeall of the necessary
vitae information in the application form.

•Do Not Submit the InitialProposal Online – It Must First be Approved by
the School of Art GraduateCommittee prior.

•Please note that the “ROLEOF Graduate Student in Speaker Selection”
section of the application formis a very important component. Please be
thorough in your explanation of how the selection was made andidentify
the role and numbers of the graduate students who were involved in
theprocess (e.g. vetted through an organization, number of students
polled,polling process, etc.). Thesubmissions may come from individual
students, but it should demonstrate thatthere was a group of students
who were consulted to support the invitation ofthe speaker.
*See examples provided on the Colloquium website (above).

•The Graduate School Colloquium Committee reserves the finaldecision for
the acceptance of the proposals.

-Thank you and goodnight.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Minutes from the 10/8/10 Meeting

First Order of Business: One Day Sale!

- Since we weren't able to have a print sale last week, we will be having a One Day Sale on Monday 10/11 on the second floor of the School of Art from 10am-4pm. If you would like to participate, please email Jessica or Kyle. So far here is the schedule of shifts of the people who attended the meeting:

10am-12pm: Kyle, Ben, James
12pm-2pm: Mike, Dan (12pm-1pm), Kari (12pm-1pm)
2pm-4pm: Jessica, Adrian, Aaron (2pm-3pm)

We really only need 3 people at the most to man the tables. We have plenty of prints for the sale, but if you really need to get rid of some and would like to donate, feel free to bring them in. Again keep in mind that all money raised will go to the club.

Second Order of Business: BadDog Guerilla Style!!

-It's on! Bandolier Press will be working along side GAA in a Dia de los Muertos theme. GAA will be selling decorated and undecorated sugar skulls while we will be making and selling Dia de los Muertos masks, shirts and posters.

But first! We need designs. We're asking for submissions for a skull design in which we will use for this event. Submissions need to be emailed to me by Tuesday 10/19.
We discussed at the meeting that it would be best that the design be useable as a mask and t-shirt design, add a little text around it and voila! you've also got a poster!

Third Order of Business: Print Auction

- As of right now, the plan is to have the print auction is set at the week before Thanksgiving break. We still need to look at the available times for the cases.

Fourth Order of Buisness: Review of Constitution and Officer Duties

- Next meeting we will go over, discuss and reinstate the duties of each officer in the club and possibly change parts of the club's constitution.

Fifth Order of Buisness: Club Dues

-You have one more week to get the semesterly club dues turned in to Kyle, Jessica or Adrian. Again it is $25, checks are to be made out to Adrian Chin.

List of those who have paid:


If you have paid and your name is not up there, be sure to email Jessica.

**Next meeting will be on 10/22 at the Annex Studios 3rd floor East crit space at 5pm!**

Friday, September 24, 2010

Minutes from the 9/21/10 Meeting

First Order of Buisness: Change to the Club's Constitution

-We have eliminated the rule that only printmaking majors are allowed to join Bandolier Press.
-New members that are not majors will have a semester long prosper period to prove their commitment to the club.
-Money raised will go toward printmaking conferences only.

Second Order of Buisness: Club Portfolio

-Participants in the portfolio exchange have until Sunday September 26th to submit their prints, otherwise they will be eliminated from the exchange.

Third Order of Buisness: Club Dues

-It's that time again! Club dues are...well...due. You have a month to get them turned in. You may turn them in to Adrian, Kyle or Jessica.
-Reminder that it is $25. If paying with a check, please make it out to Adrian Chin. (don't worry, he's our treasurer)
-The following paid on 9/21: Bill, Tessa, Dan, Kari, Kyle and Barnes.

Fourth Order of Buisness: Print Sale

-With MAPC quickly approaching, we have set dates for a print sale! As of now, it will take place October 6-8th.
-For those new to the club, we set up a table on the second floor of the School of Art and sell cheap prints. So go through old prints you can part with and donate them to the sale. And it doesn't have to be just prints! T-shirts, stickers, etc.
-There will be a sign-up sheet on the grad office door in the print room (room 408) with shifts to sign up for. If possible, it's always great to sign up at least a couple different times.

- We are also planning on having an auction towards the end of the semester.

Fifth Order of Buisness: Meeting Times

-The majority of the club have agreed to meet at 5PM every other Friday at the Annex studios on the third floor east in the big crit area.
-If you are not able to make it to these meetings, please keep an eye on the blog for minutes from the meetings.

Sixth Order of Business: Fundraiser Ideas

-We need 'em!! Feel free to email me any suggestions or write them down and bring them to the next meeting.

- Suggested fundraisers so far:

T-shirt Printing at BadDog
T-shirt printing for fraturnities/sororities
Halloween masks
Day of the Dead masks
Used book/ rummage sale

Seventh Order of Business: MAPC Conference

-"New World/Old World" in Minneapolis, MN!
-October 13-16th
- Total of six going as of now. Be sure and let Barnes know ASAP if you decide to go afterall because we are working on getting vans together.

**Next Meeting will be on Friday October 8th at 5pm at the Annex studios on the third floor east! **

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dumbo Press at Pepsi Refresh Project!

Eric's Grant to debut the Dumbo Press at public schools and public events is up on the Pepsi website!! You have until June 30th to vote, so get crackin'! Tell your friends, your friend's friends, post it on Facebook, what ever you can to help out!!


Friday, April 30, 2010

Minutes from the 4/29/10 Meeting

First order of Business: A big thank you!

Thanks to all members for helping out in this semester's events. Together we raised $4,000!!! Let's keep up the good work!

Second Order of Business: Theme for the Woodcut Collab.

-It was by majority that the theme of the Woodcut Collab with be....."Americana." Glory days, the last 50 years, whatever you can think of.

-The block will be 4ft x 6ft and we are shooting for a due of September 15th...but this date is tentative.

-List of teams are still on the grad office door in printmaking room 408.

-We are asking for an edition of 5 for these blocks on canvas and/or paper.

-Tom and Kyle will be writing up a proposal for MAPC to see if we can show these babies off there.

Third Order of Business: Printing Party!

We need to get those aprons and koozies printed, so we're going to meet Thursday May 6th at 7pm to get them done. We can bring food and make it a good ol' time.

Fourth Order of Business: Officers

We have decided to keep the same officers for the next year. If you weren't at the meeting and want to move up or step down, please let us know.

Fifth Order of Business: Pepsi Refresh Grant

Honorary club member, Eric Fuertes has written up a grant to take his two printing press that he has built around to innercity schools and make prints.

The grant is up on his website if you want to look it over.

Eric will be submitting his grant to the Pepsi Refresh Project to try to win $25,000!
In order for him to win, you need to vote!!!

Eric will be entering his submission at 12:00am on Friday May 1st, he will then post on Facebook if it goes through or not so we can start voting.
So please please please when you wake up Saturday morning, VOTE! and tell your friends, family, everyone to do the same! Please post on your Facebooks so we can spread the word.

Sixth Order of Business: Happy Dog Show

Remember there's a show with Drive by Press at Happy Dog Gallery in Chicago this Saturday May 1st at 8pm-?

Also the MFA group show will also be going on 5-8pm!
230 W. Superior St., Suite 200 (River North)

Everyone have a good finals week and an even better summer!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Minutes from the 4/15/10 Meeting

Here's the minutes from the last meeting.....

First order of business:  A New Honorary Club Member

The club came to a unanimous vote to grant Eric Fuertes as a honorary club member of Bandolier Press......we all know he wants to be a printmaker soooooo bad, constantly dreaming up presses like he does!

Second order of business: Large Woodcut Collab

The plan is still on for the large woodcut collab! As discussed before,  the scale of the blocks will be 6ft. x 4ft. and in groups of 2....... perhaps 3 if there is an odd number of members participating. This would take place this summer and then hopefully the works would be displayed in 214 Gallery in the Fall.

Thoughts were brought up about the possibility of a theme for this collab project. Two themes that were brought up were Haunted House and Home/ Where You Came From. If you have any other suggestions, bring them up at the next meeting or simply post them up on the blog in a comment or whathaveyou.

**There is a sign up sheet on the grad office door for the collab. PLEASE SIGN UP IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN BEING A PART OF THIS!!

Third order of business: Club Print Exchange

Yes, it is still on and the prints are due at the end of the semester! Just to refresh your memory, the title of the portfolio is "No Name, No Slogan," paper size is 15"x20", edition size is still set at 25, at least 3 runs, and please include sheets of newsprint or glassine between each print. Let's make this a nice portfolio, so please please put some effort into it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Minutes from the 3/4/10 Meeting

Hey all! Here are the minutes for the meeting held on Thursday March 4th.....sorry it took me a few days to get this up. I also apologize if some of the information is incorrect or confusing....I was at the end of the table and couldn't hear a thing. Motion to have the secretary sit next to the President at the meetings???

First order of business: Honorary Club Member

The club came to a unanimous vote to grant John Medina as a honorary club member of Bandolier Press....we'll turn him into a printmaker sooner or later!

Second order of business: Bandolier Press Portfolio

The portfolio is now due March 22nd. The Edition size is now 25 with John's participation. All other information remains the same.... 15"x20", minimum of 3 runs.

Third order of business: Club Money Distribution

The question of how money raised from fundraisers will be distributed to those not attending SGC as well as those who will be graduating this semester.
The club came to the conclusion that
those who are not attending SGC, the money will go to the next conference. (MAPC, Frogmans Workshop, etc.) If the club member chooses not to attend, the money will get filtered back into the club money.
For those graduating this semester, the club will only distribute money for conferences for one semester only following graduation.

Fourth order of business: T-shirt/Poster/Logo Designs

The club voted on everyone's designs and the following member's designs will be printed:
-Jessica (2)

Also, the club voted on colors for t-shirts and the following colors were the winners:
- Charcoal
-Sky Blue

Fifth order of business: Printing schedule

Here is the schedule for printing t-shirts/posters on March 13 & 14:


12-4PM: Adrian, Tessa, Tom, Kari, Jessica
4-8PM: Kyle, Adrian, Tessa, Tom, Dan


12-4PM: Tessa, Tom, Lauren, Adrian, Jessica, Kyle
4-8PM: Kyle, Tom, Tessa, Dan

Sixth order of business: Print Sale Schedule

Here is the schedule for the print sale that will be held on March 16-18:

-Tuesday March 16th:
10-12PM: Ann & Kim
12-2PM: Kari & Tessa
2-4PM: Dan & Kyle

-Wednesday March 17th:
10-12PM: Tom & Kyle
12-2PM: Lauren & Adrian
2-4PM: Lauren & Kim

-Thursday March 18th:
10-12PM: Tom & Dan
12-2PM: John & Kyle
2-4PM: Adrian & Jessica

Other orders of Business:
- Large Collaboration Woodcuts this summer is on!! We'll be splitting up into groups of 2 at the next meeting.

-We will possibly be holding a raffle of the Jay Ryan print during the print sale.

-Sargent of Arms Position given to Tessa. Dan will now be the Enforcer.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Minutes from the 1/28/10 Meeting

Hey all, Jessica here (AKA secretary). I will now be posting the minutes of each meeting here on the blog so those who were unable to make it can catch up on what went down.....minus the jokes and silly stuff, for those you had to be there sorry.
I digress......

Here's what we covered at the meeting:
(NEXT MEETING: Thursday Feb. 11th @ 8PM @ Twin Tavern!!!)

-First order of business: The Portfolio Exchange (Due March 15th!)

The title was voted upon, finally, with the winner going to "No Name, No Slogan."
Close runner ups were "Filthy Few" (or "Flithy Flew"?), Kish Incident, and sadly coming in dead last "J.D. Salinger is Dead"....sorry, Ann.

-Second order of business: Silent Auction 

We need one print/piece of art from every club member for the auction by Monday Feb. 1st. Please drop these off in Kyle's flat file or in the Grad Office.
Kyle will be hanging the work up for the auction on the 2nd floor of the SOA on Monday Feb. 1st and will be up through Valentines Day.

-Third order of business: Club Dues $$

PAY THEM! We will be using this money to order t-shirts to print on and take with us to SGC in March as well as club aprons.

As far as the t-shirts go, we encourage everyone to submit designs to the club and we will vote on the top 5 to print and take with us. Can be screen printed or relief blocks.

As far as aprons go, we are still looking for some good deals on some Takach-like ones (cross-back style).

-Fourth order of business: Print Sale

Originally we had talked about holding the sale 2 weeks after SGC, but it was brought up that doing it before would be beneficial to all money-wise.
It will be changed to run 3 days long,  Tuesday March 16th-Thursday March 18th with the added bonus of giving people the option to stop by the shop on Friday to continue purchasing. I will be working Fridays in the shop and would be happy to take on this responsibility.

- Fifth order of business: Change in Bandolier Press' Constitution

The position of Student President was voted in as an additional officer. Kyle was officially voted in as Student President.
The position of Sargent of Arms is now open and the position will be filled next meeting by the vote of the club.

-Additional orders of business:

We need a club logo! So we encourage everyone to submit a design that is high contrast, in black and white and that is resizable for use on t-shirts and/or patches.

The idea for a U-Haul Show outside of The House (just a suggestion) was brought up. Bringing cheap prints to the streets for all to buy or at least see! This would most likely take place next semester.

Possibility of a club show of large scale (6ft. x 4ft.) collaborative works was brought up. This would take place this summer and then hopefully the works would be displayed in 214 Gallery in the Fall.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vids for the Kids

Here is our wonderful video, just thought it would be worth some laughs to be up here

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi All, Just wanted to give you a heads up on an upcoming printmaking exhibition at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, IA.

Sunday, January 17, 2010