Friday, April 30, 2010

Minutes from the 4/29/10 Meeting

First order of Business: A big thank you!

Thanks to all members for helping out in this semester's events. Together we raised $4,000!!! Let's keep up the good work!

Second Order of Business: Theme for the Woodcut Collab.

-It was by majority that the theme of the Woodcut Collab with be....."Americana." Glory days, the last 50 years, whatever you can think of.

-The block will be 4ft x 6ft and we are shooting for a due of September 15th...but this date is tentative.

-List of teams are still on the grad office door in printmaking room 408.

-We are asking for an edition of 5 for these blocks on canvas and/or paper.

-Tom and Kyle will be writing up a proposal for MAPC to see if we can show these babies off there.

Third Order of Business: Printing Party!

We need to get those aprons and koozies printed, so we're going to meet Thursday May 6th at 7pm to get them done. We can bring food and make it a good ol' time.

Fourth Order of Business: Officers

We have decided to keep the same officers for the next year. If you weren't at the meeting and want to move up or step down, please let us know.

Fifth Order of Business: Pepsi Refresh Grant

Honorary club member, Eric Fuertes has written up a grant to take his two printing press that he has built around to innercity schools and make prints.

The grant is up on his website if you want to look it over.

Eric will be submitting his grant to the Pepsi Refresh Project to try to win $25,000!
In order for him to win, you need to vote!!!

Eric will be entering his submission at 12:00am on Friday May 1st, he will then post on Facebook if it goes through or not so we can start voting.
So please please please when you wake up Saturday morning, VOTE! and tell your friends, family, everyone to do the same! Please post on your Facebooks so we can spread the word.

Sixth Order of Business: Happy Dog Show

Remember there's a show with Drive by Press at Happy Dog Gallery in Chicago this Saturday May 1st at 8pm-?

Also the MFA group show will also be going on 5-8pm!
230 W. Superior St., Suite 200 (River North)

Everyone have a good finals week and an even better summer!!

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