Monday, April 19, 2010

Minutes from the 4/15/10 Meeting

Here's the minutes from the last meeting.....

First order of business:  A New Honorary Club Member

The club came to a unanimous vote to grant Eric Fuertes as a honorary club member of Bandolier Press......we all know he wants to be a printmaker soooooo bad, constantly dreaming up presses like he does!

Second order of business: Large Woodcut Collab

The plan is still on for the large woodcut collab! As discussed before,  the scale of the blocks will be 6ft. x 4ft. and in groups of 2....... perhaps 3 if there is an odd number of members participating. This would take place this summer and then hopefully the works would be displayed in 214 Gallery in the Fall.

Thoughts were brought up about the possibility of a theme for this collab project. Two themes that were brought up were Haunted House and Home/ Where You Came From. If you have any other suggestions, bring them up at the next meeting or simply post them up on the blog in a comment or whathaveyou.

**There is a sign up sheet on the grad office door for the collab. PLEASE SIGN UP IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN BEING A PART OF THIS!!

Third order of business: Club Print Exchange

Yes, it is still on and the prints are due at the end of the semester! Just to refresh your memory, the title of the portfolio is "No Name, No Slogan," paper size is 15"x20", edition size is still set at 25, at least 3 runs, and please include sheets of newsprint or glassine between each print. Let's make this a nice portfolio, so please please put some effort into it!

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