Sunday, March 7, 2010

Minutes from the 3/4/10 Meeting

Hey all! Here are the minutes for the meeting held on Thursday March 4th.....sorry it took me a few days to get this up. I also apologize if some of the information is incorrect or confusing....I was at the end of the table and couldn't hear a thing. Motion to have the secretary sit next to the President at the meetings???

First order of business: Honorary Club Member

The club came to a unanimous vote to grant John Medina as a honorary club member of Bandolier Press....we'll turn him into a printmaker sooner or later!

Second order of business: Bandolier Press Portfolio

The portfolio is now due March 22nd. The Edition size is now 25 with John's participation. All other information remains the same.... 15"x20", minimum of 3 runs.

Third order of business: Club Money Distribution

The question of how money raised from fundraisers will be distributed to those not attending SGC as well as those who will be graduating this semester.
The club came to the conclusion that
those who are not attending SGC, the money will go to the next conference. (MAPC, Frogmans Workshop, etc.) If the club member chooses not to attend, the money will get filtered back into the club money.
For those graduating this semester, the club will only distribute money for conferences for one semester only following graduation.

Fourth order of business: T-shirt/Poster/Logo Designs

The club voted on everyone's designs and the following member's designs will be printed:
-Jessica (2)

Also, the club voted on colors for t-shirts and the following colors were the winners:
- Charcoal
-Sky Blue

Fifth order of business: Printing schedule

Here is the schedule for printing t-shirts/posters on March 13 & 14:


12-4PM: Adrian, Tessa, Tom, Kari, Jessica
4-8PM: Kyle, Adrian, Tessa, Tom, Dan


12-4PM: Tessa, Tom, Lauren, Adrian, Jessica, Kyle
4-8PM: Kyle, Tom, Tessa, Dan

Sixth order of business: Print Sale Schedule

Here is the schedule for the print sale that will be held on March 16-18:

-Tuesday March 16th:
10-12PM: Ann & Kim
12-2PM: Kari & Tessa
2-4PM: Dan & Kyle

-Wednesday March 17th:
10-12PM: Tom & Kyle
12-2PM: Lauren & Adrian
2-4PM: Lauren & Kim

-Thursday March 18th:
10-12PM: Tom & Dan
12-2PM: John & Kyle
2-4PM: Adrian & Jessica

Other orders of Business:
- Large Collaboration Woodcuts this summer is on!! We'll be splitting up into groups of 2 at the next meeting.

-We will possibly be holding a raffle of the Jay Ryan print during the print sale.

-Sargent of Arms Position given to Tessa. Dan will now be the Enforcer.

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