Friday, January 29, 2010

Minutes from the 1/28/10 Meeting

Hey all, Jessica here (AKA secretary). I will now be posting the minutes of each meeting here on the blog so those who were unable to make it can catch up on what went down.....minus the jokes and silly stuff, for those you had to be there sorry.
I digress......

Here's what we covered at the meeting:
(NEXT MEETING: Thursday Feb. 11th @ 8PM @ Twin Tavern!!!)

-First order of business: The Portfolio Exchange (Due March 15th!)

The title was voted upon, finally, with the winner going to "No Name, No Slogan."
Close runner ups were "Filthy Few" (or "Flithy Flew"?), Kish Incident, and sadly coming in dead last "J.D. Salinger is Dead"....sorry, Ann.

-Second order of business: Silent Auction 

We need one print/piece of art from every club member for the auction by Monday Feb. 1st. Please drop these off in Kyle's flat file or in the Grad Office.
Kyle will be hanging the work up for the auction on the 2nd floor of the SOA on Monday Feb. 1st and will be up through Valentines Day.

-Third order of business: Club Dues $$

PAY THEM! We will be using this money to order t-shirts to print on and take with us to SGC in March as well as club aprons.

As far as the t-shirts go, we encourage everyone to submit designs to the club and we will vote on the top 5 to print and take with us. Can be screen printed or relief blocks.

As far as aprons go, we are still looking for some good deals on some Takach-like ones (cross-back style).

-Fourth order of business: Print Sale

Originally we had talked about holding the sale 2 weeks after SGC, but it was brought up that doing it before would be beneficial to all money-wise.
It will be changed to run 3 days long,  Tuesday March 16th-Thursday March 18th with the added bonus of giving people the option to stop by the shop on Friday to continue purchasing. I will be working Fridays in the shop and would be happy to take on this responsibility.

- Fifth order of business: Change in Bandolier Press' Constitution

The position of Student President was voted in as an additional officer. Kyle was officially voted in as Student President.
The position of Sargent of Arms is now open and the position will be filled next meeting by the vote of the club.

-Additional orders of business:

We need a club logo! So we encourage everyone to submit a design that is high contrast, in black and white and that is resizable for use on t-shirts and/or patches.

The idea for a U-Haul Show outside of The House (just a suggestion) was brought up. Bringing cheap prints to the streets for all to buy or at least see! This would most likely take place next semester.

Possibility of a club show of large scale (6ft. x 4ft.) collaborative works was brought up. This would take place this summer and then hopefully the works would be displayed in 214 Gallery in the Fall.


  1. Thanks for the update Jessica! I really appreciate it.

    Question: Is the edition size for the portfolio exchange still 21 or did we move up to 23? I know there were a few more people interested in joining. Thanks!
    (I am assuming it is still at least 3 colors and 15x20")


  2. the edition size is 23, and the rest remains the same