Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hey All,

here is the constitution

Bandolier Press Print Club


Rules and Regulations:

Club members are required to pay semesterly dues of 25$

Club members are responsible for designing and printing 3 T-shirts and 1 poster each semester

Club members are expected to complete a graduate colloquium each semester

Club members are to set up and have one club show annually

Club members are encouraged to participate and set-up print and portfolio exchanges

Club members are expected to look at and update blog regularly.

The Club will hold annual print sales (fall) and silent auctions (spring)

Officer positions are to be open to club vote any time there is a vacancy.

Officer positions are to be renewed each semester through a club vote.

Officers may not relinquish positions at any time other than at the end of each semester.

Officer positions can only be received or retained through a 2/3rds majority club vote.

Only 1-year members may take the President, Vice President or Sgt. At Arms positions.

All officer positions are open to all members, Graduate and Undergraduate.

All members must Prospect for 1 semester prior to becoming a full time member.

Prospects are required to pay dues, and are expected to attend all club meetings.

The Club will hold bi-monthly meetings where club business is to be discussed.

All Club action and business must first be discussed and voted on during meetings.

No member is above the club.

If a member wishes to terminate membership, there dues are to be returned, but only if there termination is prior to mid-term. Other than that, the club withholds the dues.

Dues are to be used to purchase paper, t-shirts, and any other club voted action.

All members must sign the constitution, committing their agreement to the rules and regulations established by it.

Hierarchy and Officer/Member Duties:

NOMADS- 3rd year 2nd semester grads: These members are highest in seniority and help out mildly, but are to be focused on MFA Thesis.

President- In charge of overseeing and responsible for timely completion of all club actions.

Vice President- In charge of making sure all financial transactions and paper work is completed including the colloquium, show, and sales.

Sgt. At Arms- In charge of making sure all t-shirts and posters are printed and organizing club portfolio with the Enforcer.

Secretary- In charge of completing all paperwork in collaboration with the V.P.

Treasurer- In charge of all financial transactions with the club in collaboration with the V.P. At any sale, checks are to be made out in the Treasurers name and to be cashed by him or her and brought to the club account.

Enforcer- Responsible for assisting the Sgt. At Arms with all cutting and printing of T-shirts and posters along with organizing club portfolio.


Club Member- Members who are not officers are responsible for assisting any officers with specified work.

Prospect- Any first semester Grad or Undergrad who wishes to join the club. Responsible for supplying meetings with beverages and assisting any member with any specified work at any time.

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