Friday, November 12, 2010

Minutes for the 11/12 Meeting

First Order of Buisness: Print Auction

- We need prints to auction off! We are asking that all club members submit one awesome print to auction off.

-Prints will be hung in the glass cases outside the main office on the 2nd floor of the School of Art Monday afternoon, so you have until Monday morning to get your prints submitted. Please drop your prints off with Kyle or in Kyle's flatfile in the print room.

- The silent auction will be held November 14th - December 4th. Bidding will end at 5PM on December 4th. Again, all money raised will go to the club.

Second Order of Business: Club Dues

- All club members must pay semesterly club dues of $25. There are still members who have yet to pay.

-The following (according to my record) have paid:


-If you do not see your name on the list, you have until December 3rd to turn them in. If you have paid and do not see your name on this list, please let Jessica, Kyle, or Adrian know.

-Give club dues to either Jessica, Kyle or Adrian. All checks are to made out to Adrian Chin.

Third Order of Business: Meeting Attendance

-It really is important for all club members to attend the club meetings. The more the people attend the meetings, the easier decisions can be made/information can be discussed/the more fun we will have.

-We strongly encourage undergrads to attend these meetings! If you are even slightly interested in going to print conferences, participating in portfolio exchanges, getting group shows, working with visiting artists, and many many great opportunities PLEASE attend!

Fourth Order of Business: Last Meeting of the Semester

-The last meeting will be on Friday December 3rd at the Annex Studios (behind the furniture store across the street from Walmart on Sycamore Road) at 5PM.

-At this meeting we will try to get a loose schedule for next semester's club game plan as well as vote on new club officers....for this we really need your attendance!

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  1. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to attend any meetings this semester! I have been incredibly busy with graduating and my shows locally in Rockford. I actually have another show the night of the next meeting. I will try to have a print for Monday.