Monday, December 13, 2010

Minutes from the 12/10/10 Meeting

First Order of Business: No Name, No Slogan Exchange

- We are finalizing the last details and will soon have the portfolios to you! Yay!

Second Order of Business: New Club Portfolio Exchange

- Sargent of Arms and Enforcer will be coming up with the next theme.
- Club voted that the size will be 9"x12", the number of runs will be open, there will be NO digital prints accepted,a nd the due date will be around May 20th, 2011.

Third Order of Business: New Club Officers

- Tom is now a Nomad as he will be in his final semester.
- Dan was voted to be the new Vice President.
- James was voted to be the new Enforcer.
- All other officers remain the same.

Our next meeting will be during the Printmaking Workshop class next semester. Hope you all have a great break!

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