Friday, September 24, 2010

Minutes from the 9/21/10 Meeting

First Order of Buisness: Change to the Club's Constitution

-We have eliminated the rule that only printmaking majors are allowed to join Bandolier Press.
-New members that are not majors will have a semester long prosper period to prove their commitment to the club.
-Money raised will go toward printmaking conferences only.

Second Order of Buisness: Club Portfolio

-Participants in the portfolio exchange have until Sunday September 26th to submit their prints, otherwise they will be eliminated from the exchange.

Third Order of Buisness: Club Dues

-It's that time again! Club dues are...well...due. You have a month to get them turned in. You may turn them in to Adrian, Kyle or Jessica.
-Reminder that it is $25. If paying with a check, please make it out to Adrian Chin. (don't worry, he's our treasurer)
-The following paid on 9/21: Bill, Tessa, Dan, Kari, Kyle and Barnes.

Fourth Order of Buisness: Print Sale

-With MAPC quickly approaching, we have set dates for a print sale! As of now, it will take place October 6-8th.
-For those new to the club, we set up a table on the second floor of the School of Art and sell cheap prints. So go through old prints you can part with and donate them to the sale. And it doesn't have to be just prints! T-shirts, stickers, etc.
-There will be a sign-up sheet on the grad office door in the print room (room 408) with shifts to sign up for. If possible, it's always great to sign up at least a couple different times.

- We are also planning on having an auction towards the end of the semester.

Fifth Order of Buisness: Meeting Times

-The majority of the club have agreed to meet at 5PM every other Friday at the Annex studios on the third floor east in the big crit area.
-If you are not able to make it to these meetings, please keep an eye on the blog for minutes from the meetings.

Sixth Order of Business: Fundraiser Ideas

-We need 'em!! Feel free to email me any suggestions or write them down and bring them to the next meeting.

- Suggested fundraisers so far:

T-shirt Printing at BadDog
T-shirt printing for fraturnities/sororities
Halloween masks
Day of the Dead masks
Used book/ rummage sale

Seventh Order of Business: MAPC Conference

-"New World/Old World" in Minneapolis, MN!
-October 13-16th
- Total of six going as of now. Be sure and let Barnes know ASAP if you decide to go afterall because we are working on getting vans together.

**Next Meeting will be on Friday October 8th at 5pm at the Annex studios on the third floor east! **

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