Monday, October 17, 2011

Minutes from the 10/05/11 Meeting

Call to Order

Review of Past meeting:

New Officers were Elected

President: Dan Heskamp
Treasurer: Jon Arends
Secretary: Daniel Jasa

Brainstorming for Print Sale:

We established three (and only three) areas to focus on for the print sale fundraiser:

1. Sale of artwork. We will sort through the print stack next meeting to eliminate prints which are un-sellable. Dan Heskamp volunteered to collect artwork from members who have new work to submit.

2. Art Auction. There are a few prints from visiting artists that could fetch a high price.

3. Press Demonstration. We decided to run a press at the print sale. We'll offer 5-10 designs to print for people on demand.

Date for Print Sale:

We decided to run the print sale the two days before, and the day of our 4th street show reception (the 15th, 16th and 17th of November). On the 17th, we will start the sale at the VAB, and move it to 4th street to set up before the reception.

Collection of Dues

Treasurer Jon Arends continues to collect dues. If you have not already, pay him your dues of $25.

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