Thursday, December 3, 2009

A New Start

Hey all,

This is Kyle, your SGT at Arms, and I would like to welcome everyone into the club. My hope with this whole thing is to offer some community and power to you all in your art career and network. We have a lot of ambitions with the club, with the ultimate hope of eventually getting enough power to give members exhibition opportunities in Chicago and surrounding areas. No one wants to just exhibit in DeKalb. This club is meant to be fun, and no one should take it to serious, but I do ask of you to work for its rewards. Also, NO ONE has supreme power, this is a democratic club, where ALL club business is decided by the members in majority votes. No one is above the club, and no one makes decisions without consulting members, including officers, PERIOD. I know it sounds serious, but its to keep club cohesion and community. I nor do the rest of you want some jerk telling you what to do, so we keep the jerks OUT! Other than that, I hope everyone is excited, this is going to be a good time I promise, and if its not, we'll figure a way to make it one. If anyones asks you about the club, this is not a school club this is a voluntary association of friends, like most clubs, so the funding we get is from us, for us. I would like the group to be pretty tight, so grads and undergrads should continue to associate, there should be no real boundary. Alright, I will stop with the rules, I know you guys already know them.

Anyways, there is going to be a list of events next semester starting right from the get go. We will cover this all again at the Jan 7 meeting at Twins, but here is a brief list.

Jan 11- Tom's Show and Printing with Associate Artist
Jan 19- Cannonball Press
Feb 1-12 - Silent Auction
Feb 10, 11, 12 - Print Sale
Mar 15 - Portfolio Work is Due
Mar 24-27 - SGC in Philadelphia, PA
Apr ..... - Wayne Kimbell
MFA Thesis Exhibitions- Ann Flowers and Darren Houser

Thats just what we have for now. I know I mentioned this in the email, but again please work on designs for the club over break and bring the to the Jan 7 meeting so we can get those going out of the gate. Also, if you all could send Jess or me an image of your best work, in your mind, along with title,medium, size, year, and if you have a website, so that I can do a post on the work of club members. I think thats everything, so other than that have a great break and we'll see you all at the next meeting. Again if any questions or concerns, shoot emails to me or jess, or just comment or post up here on the blog. Thanks again.

oh yeah, Club Dues art to be paid at the next meeting, so bring an extra 25$ to the meeting. Now I think thats it.



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